PDH Recognition Award Recipients

PDH Recognition Awards recognise individuals or teams (employees/volunteers) for making a difference for our patients, visitors or staff.

If you believe one of our staff, teams or volunteers has made a difference and deserves recognition, please click here to find out more information.



Helen Anderson

Continence Nurse

“Helen was able to make my mother (who has anxiety regarding treatment of health problems) feel relaxed and complete the treatment in moments”

“Helen is a very friendly lady. She obviously loves her work.”

“Her Professional and very caring help”


Laurel Morrissey

Supply Department

“Made the transition from stores supply to central supply a very smooth organised and supported transition”


Alison Burgess

Domestic Services Assistant

“She always goes the extra mile and makes my office sparkle with a pleasant disposition”


Doctors and Nurses

Emergency Department

“Patients with serious mental health issues are provided care to the best of their ability under often very difficult and stressful conditions.”

“With limited support, since mental health service no longer providing skilled clinicians on-call to attend and assess/treat this group of patients”

“Support given to the most psychologically vulnerable can be just as life saving as the resuscitation of someone in cardiac arrest.”


Dr Thair Abbas


“Exceptional care and support”

“I have total admiration for this gentleman and the way he conducts himself and cares for his patients.”


Miffy Maddox & Eden Malseed

Theatre Nurses

“Lovely ladies” – caring for patients


Toni Rowe & Graeme Learmont

Primary & Community Health

“very professional and knowledgeable they made it great fun”


Trish Rawlings

Ward Clerk


“A great team player”

“Going the extra when PDH need”



Yvonne Simons

Intake – P&CH

“Working very hard to assist with the conversion of HACC to CHC and HIP data”


Meagan Rogers

Accounts – Finance

“going the extra for PDH”

“friendly disposition”


Sue Johnson

Drug & Alcohol Counsellor

“taking the time to really listen”

“changing the lives of patients” 


Helen Westhorpe

Ward Clerk

“helping expand personal/professional knowledge”


Urgent Care Centre

All Staff

“I just wanted to feedback the excellent service and care I received from everyone I encountered from the Ward Clerk, to the Triage Nurse and then the Doctor.  Everyone was so kind, supportive and caring”

“At no time did I feel dismissed or like a time waster”

“Congratulations on having such a great team”


Barb James

Hotel Services Manager

Going “the extra mile” in preparation for the primary care launch and washing the windows


Gwen Finck

Meals on Wheels Volunteer

Continued service as a meals on wheels volunteer through illness and significant life events


Rebecca Skaer

Human Resources Coordinator

Your “diligence”, “attitude and demeanour is always pleasant” and “can do approach to helping people”



District Nursing Service

“professionalism, skills, sunny and cheery outlooks and respect”

“outstanding service provided by the district nursing service”


Lauren Newman

Education Manager

“covering several roles due to the unexpected departure of one of your employees, in particular your organisation of the graduate interviews”

“being nominated and successfully awarded a Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Award”


Marlene Tait

Medical Imaging Receptionist

“absolutely wonderful”

“big smile, reassurance, attentiveness, kindness and overall happiness”

“going above and beyond to assist patients who require some extra help”


Helen Roberts

Medical Imaging Technologist / Breast Ultrasound

“friendly & kind” 

making patients “feel comfortable” 


Maternity Team


“commitment to your profession, team, colleagues, new parents and Portland District Health”


Ashley Pitman & Kristen Rowe

Urgent Care Centre Nurses

“thorough and professional care”

“making patients feel comfortable”


Dialysis Nursing Team

“excellent care and attention and friendship”


Maintenance Team

Response to removal of fridge completed  in “timely fashion”


Judy Solly


“extra mile for private patient”


Erin Wilson

Education Administration Support

“commitment and diligence in getting PDH up and operational on the new LMS GROW”

“leading this change”

“self-commitment to learn this new system”

“ongoing respectful support she provides our staff who call for assistance”


Brooke Kelly

Cancer Support Nurse

“very friendly and welcoming”

 “very efficient”

“always smiling and approachable”

providing patients with timely responses to queries

providing information which has been a “great help”

regular phone contact


Sophie Halliwell & Noelene Mabbitt

Urgent Care Centre Nurses

“extend our gratitude and thanks to Sophie and Noelene, working in the UCC”

“fabulous job at the highest levels of PDH. Our staff really appreciated the collaboration which led to a better outcome”


Susan Clamp

Registered Nurse

“leading behaviour changes”

“management and care of residents & families”

“escalating behaviour”



Elaine Warnecke


“expertise”, “amicable” and “knowledge”


Kristen Rowe

Registered Nurse

“caring, sympathetic and attentive bedside manner”

“meticulous with her assessment and very caring in her approach to all duties performed”


Ida & Brian Tevelein


“undertaking duties at short notice”

“long service”


Consulting Suite Team & Dr Turab Pishori


“great customer service”

“empathetic, friendly, smiling and helpful” nature


Janina Jackson, Angela Lane & Tim Edgcumbe

Urgent Care Centre – Registered Nurses

“wonderful, kind and caring attention”


Suzanne Hateley

Environmental Services Assistant

“kind and caring nature”


Chloe Juri

Occupational Therapist

“going the extra mile”

“excellent client and resident advocate”

“support of colleagues”

“person centred care”


Amy Goetz

Exercise Physiologist

“demonstrated flexibility and leadership to enable services continued” during periods of being short staffed


Zoe Bannam

Acting Nurse Unit Manager

“excellent follow up reporting in RiskMan in response to reported incidents”


Sue Hayes & Teegan Drain

Enrolled Nurses

“champions in completion of clinical documentation”


Kerryn Cottier

Harbourside Lodge

Treating the residents “like family”


Cooking an “amazing amount of food for the cake stall”


Melissa Porter & Sue Ryan

Urgent Care Centre

Taking “extra time and care” with a patient who had a needle phobia to make them feel comfortable and at ease


Julia Hollyoak

District Nursing

“going the extra mile” and working a long shift on own due to sick leave that was unable to be replaced


Noelene Mabbitt

Urgent Care Centre

“being a great PDH ambassador” at the Relay for Life


Rachel Stonemen & Kathy Bryant

Executive Assistants

“support for the PDH AOD submission”

“can do” attitude to supporting the Executive Team


Janice Baynes

Nurse Unit Manager

“Going over and above to provide care and services for hospital in the home patients”


Rebecca McKenzie

Environmental Services Assistant

“always happy/polite and willing to help”

“nothing any trouble”


Debra Sanders

Administration Clerk

“so friendly, helpful and professional at her job”


Ida Tevelein & Jeanette Beauglehole


“volunteer support”

“life stories, planning for Harbourside Lodge and palliative care”


Joanne Brewster

Assistant Director of Nursing

“an awesome support to the UCC team.  Always willing to help out and assist when required in her role as ADON”


Natalie Herbertson

Nurse Unit Manager

“over and above in her role as patient advocate to achieve the best outcome for her patient”


Marlene Tait

Administration (Medical Imaging)

“very helpful, caring, friendly and a pleasure to speak with”


Emily Hinch


“explaining things well”

“listening to requests”


Lena Jovanovski


helped “myself and partner feel comfortable and had a laugh”


Kelsey Stewart

Assistant Accountant

Prompt “response to family member and director regarding bond payment and enquiry”


Leah Bachmann & Kristy Sanderson

Registered Nurses

“work ethic, professionalism and bedside manner”