Breast Care Nurse


Our Breastcare Nurse is a registered nurse that has completed tertiary education in all aspects of breast cancer.

The Breastcare Nurse is available to women and their families to:


  • Assist in understanding their diagnosis.
  • Provide information regarding treatment, from radiotherapy, chemotherapy to hormone therapy.
  • Explain specific tests the woman may need to undergo, and help explain test results.
  • Communicate on behalf of the patient with Doctors and other health professionals.
  • Attend doctors appointments for support.
  • Assist in the selection of breast forms.
  • Arrange specialist breast cancer kits (My Journey, My care kit, Hopes and Hurdles)


The Breastcase Nurse is also available to provide breast cancer education for patients, community groups and health professionals.

Anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis can contact the Breastcare Nurse through the Intake Office on: Phone: 0355210628, fax:0355210625, or email:

This is a fee free service.