Drug and Alcohol


The Alcohol and Drug Counselling service, Portland District Health, provides support and assistance for people with problems associated with alcohol or other drugs, or in some way feel their lives are affected by the use and /or misuse of alcohol or other drugs.

The service employs experienced drug and alcohol clinicians and counsellors to advise and assist our community members, carers and other service providers, to understand and deal with drug and alcohol use, and the various impacts of overuse of alcohol and other drugs utilizing strategies for harm reduction and the principles of recovery.

Our mission is for people to reduce the variety of harmful impacts of use of alcohol and other drugs.

This is achieved by the use of best practice guidelines and providing accessible and affordable services; supports in a confidential, safe, non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, and drug free environment, which is conducive to facilitating behaviour change, and improvement in lifestyle.

Who can access our Service?

  • Persons that wish to withdraw from any substance of dependence
  • Our clients are over 12 years of age, any gender, ethnicity and culture
  • Any person wishing to enter into programs that have been individually developed, facilitating a change in behaviour
  • Clients wishing to reduce the harms associated with substance use
  • Carers and / or significant others affected by substance use
  • Service providers for interagency support and case management
  • Community groups that request drug and alcohol education and awareness

What Services are offered?

  • Non-residential withdrawal
  • Counselling
  • Care and Recovery

Non-residential withdrawal

This will include a clinical withdrawal assessment, withdrawal treatment at an alcohol and drug service or in association with a rural hospital, and referral and information provision via face to face and telephone modalities, at a minimum.

Counselling Services

Counselling will aim primarily to address the impact substance abuse is having on the client and his or her family’s lives. Services will recognise the client’s skills and deficits in areas such as making resolutions, stress management, and dealing with difficult emotional states such as anger, anxiety and depression via a range of holistic modalities such as Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and ACT therapies.

Care Recovery and Coordination

Care and recovery coordination will provide integrated treatment and care pathways for the highest need and highest risk clients by coordinating treatment planning and care in accordance with the recovery goals identified by the client and supporting people’s access to other services. It supports meaningful involvement by the person and families in care coordination and goal setting to maximize opportunities for meaningful social and economic participation. This also includes a Supported Accommodation program for those clients engaged in treatment meeting the criteria and availability of accommodation.

Other Support Services

  • Support Service to the Methadone Program
  • Needle Exchange Program (Portland District Health )
  • Resource for schools, industry and service groups as required.
  • Secondary support for families and significant others
  • Education, community and professional consultation
  • Support to the forensic and corrections service system.
  • Contribute to development of municipal health and community strategy planning for alcohol and other drugs issues

Office Hours:

Portland – 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday
Hamilton – 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Office Location and Contact Details:

Portland District Health Specialist Clinic, Portland Phone:(03) 5521 0350, Fax: (03) 5521 0378
2 Roberts St, Hamilton Phones: (03) 5551 8450, Fax:(03) 5572 5371

ACSO Connect – Referral process to Alcohol and Other Drugs Services There is a new “front door” access into alcohol and other drug services Victoria wide. If you or someone you know, need support with an alcohol or drug concern, ACSO Connect will conduct an assessment to find out more about your needs, in order to determine the best treatment. Portland District Health can help with this process if needed.

This will involve you working with an Assessor to determine what help is required who will discuss with you your use of alcohol and other drugs including:

  • Being at risk of long term harm or impairment
  • Not able to be assisted by primary health care providers alone.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm Contact Details: 1300 022 760

For afterhours please call Direct Line on 1800 888 236.

Visit the ACSO website