Staff Recognition Awards

Patients, visitors and staff are encouraged to nominate an individual or team (PDH employee or volunteer) who have demonstrated exceptional effort and commitment in areas such as:

  • Contribution to person-centred care
  • Assistance to others including patients, visitors and staff
  • Team work that benefits patients and Portland District Health
  • Behaviours that demonstrates Portland District Health values
  • System wide improvements

The aim of this award is to :

  • Recognise the commitment of our people to patient care and customer service
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Recognise and retain committed performers
  • Recognise staff and volunteers for their contributions
  • Enhance staff and volunteer engagement
  • Build effective and rewarding work relationships
  • Reinforce positive behaviours at work.

To nominate someone, please send an email to the following address with your nomination:  

Nominations will be received by the Human Resource Department who will report to the Executive meeting, before displaying on the wall of recognition within the main hospital entry and on the PDH website to exhibit our high achievers. The exhibit will be a framed photograph and brief summary of the achievement and reasons for recognition. Human Resources will also write to the employee/volunteer to congratulate them.

View our exhibit of employees/volunteers who have received a recognition award.