Get a CT scan fast at PDH

People needing CT scans can get them done in a few days at Portland District Health, defying state-wide delays in services.

Recent metropolitan media reports have shown that most hospitals have a two-six week wait for CT scans and up to six months for MRIs, but PDH is able to do urgent CT scans on the day and can perform most procedures within a week.

Chief Medical Imaging Technologist Chris Wellman said CT scans could be done quickly and efficiently at PDH.

“Demand is steady and we continue to offer a broad range of services, mostly within 24 hours,” Mr Wellman said.

“For urgent scans we can see people on the day, while procedures such as joint injections for pain relief, biopsies and fine needle aspirations can only be done on a Friday but are still usually within a week.”

The PDH radiology department is one of the best in similar-sized hospitals in regional Victoria and the CT scan machine was installed only two years ago.

“We’re lucky to have such fine equipment and all the local staff are available and highly qualified,” Mr Wellman said.

The PDH radiology department covers a broad range of services from trauma and urgent care through to cancer diagnosis and updates, along with more routine investigations of abdomen, chest and joint pain.

Mr Wellman said Portland district residents were lucky to be able to access these high-quality services locally when they need them.

“We have a smaller catchment area and population density but we also have excellent facilities and staff,” he said.

Mr Wellman said people from outlying regions such as Warrnambool, Hamilton or Mt Gambier could also travel to Portland for their CT scans if needed.

PDH also had two new ultrasound machines installed in recent years, improving the range of examinations than can be performed locally.