The Supply department ensures the continued supply of goods to support everyday operations of the Health Service and part of their role is to ensure stores and individual areas are sufficiently stocked to support their day to day operations. Stores role entails ensuring the right stock is available at the right place and in adequate for all staff to fulfil their roles.

Supply services at PDH are in transition to a central supply model. Currently PDH staff replenishes department stores by the imprest method utilising wireless barcode scanning. This results in an order that is processed and picked at South West Healthcare’s main store in Warrnambool.  Orders are delivered daily (or as required) to PDH. Non-imprest orders are lodged via an on-line requisition system (Oracle IProcurement) and are processed at Warrnambool. Non-imprest orders will be fulfilled either from the Warrnambool store or direct from the supplier to ensure PDH always has sufficient stock on hand.

The realised benefits of the central store model for PDH is reduced costs, ongoing department inventory management, product rationalisation, reduced waste, managed compliance with State Government hospital consumables contracts (Health Purchasing Victoria) and access to professional clinical advice for product evaluation and introduction.