Health Promotion


What is Health Promotion?

  • What is Health Promotion? Health Promotion Officers assist with intervention and prevention, they assist with health organisations, local partners and community groups to improve the health of individuals and the community by raising awareness of healthy lifestyles, disease and disability, and other health-related issues.

What does a Health Promotion Officer do?

  • A Health Promotion Officer is a health professional specialising in improving and maintaining the health of populations and reducing health inequities among population groups. Health promotion includes action directed at strengthening the skills and capabilities of individuals, as well as action directed towards changing social, environmental and economic conditions at the broader level.
  • The PDH Health Promotion Team are part of the back bone support to the SEA Change Initiative.

SEA Change

What is the SEA Change Initiative?

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  • The SEA Change initiative (sustainable eating and activity change) is a community lead approach working with collaborative partnerships battling obesity (or the aspect that effect obesity ‘social, emotional & physical wellbeing’.
  • We identified obesity was an evolving issue and that we need to look at it differently than we had in the past.
  • How’s it different that Health Promotion has been in the past? No longer are we ‘doing the doing’, rather the backbone support teams aim is about building community ownership and empowerment to solve a complex problem around improving social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our goals is that ‘all community are healthy and well’.
  • Partnerships include: Glenelg Shire Council, Southern Grampians Glenelg Community Partnership Division (SGGPCP), Deakin University GLOBE unit, and WHO STOPS
  • The SEA Change initiative launched in July 2014 was developed working with local collaborative partners creating a new co-created approach that we continue to adapt with what we learn along the way. Using the principle of Systems Thinking, Collective Impact and Asset Based Community Development to underpin the work we contribute to.
  • Our role as part of the backbone support team is to assist keeping our community connected, connecting local partners, increasing community ownership, recognising benefit of community action, engaging more supporters and change makers, empowering each other for change so that the healthy choice is the easy choice.
  • We recognise many levels of community action is going on individually or in pockets it is about capturing this information and empowering community to drive this change and assist in making this sustainable. See below stories for all the work our community are doing contributing towards health and wellbeing.

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